What we do
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We offer you all this activities:

Exposition in fairs
We take our birds of prey to the street, and give information to all public, introducing them to the world of the falconry.
We also perform free-flight demonstrations.
Animal control

With our birds, we control the overpopulation of animals that could cause any matter (pigeon, starlings...).


Environmental education
Educative classes for schools or groups. The children will have firsthand knowledge if they can view and touch the birds.

Falconry courses

This courses are not only for prospective falconers. This course is also aimed at biologists, environmental agents, environmental students, schools, and any person interested in the world of birds of prey.

Birds of prey for photography
We have our birds available to specialists for closer photos.
Breeding of birds of prey
We are at your disposal to raise authocthonous breeds for reintroduction to nature.
Other activities
Weddings, declarations of love, birthday parties, film shooting and commercials...